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8 Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone

Are you planning to buy a new Smartphone? Are you confused because of so many alternatives present in the market and could use some guidance? Guess what? You are at the right place.

Smartphones have become a need rather than luxury over the years. Especially since you always need to be with your friends (via social networking), constantly need to check your emails (that business meeting can be rescheduled anytime), and because you feel the need to have music, videos, games, and other forms of entertainment with you at all times.

Let's take a look at the things to consider before buying a smartphone:

1. Handling

Do you regularly carry a briefcase, purse or computer bag? If not -- and if you'd rather not start -- then a smaller smartphone that slips into your pocket is probably best. Many smartphones are 5 inches tall or less, and 2.5 inches wide or less. Hold various models in your hand to see which ones feel most comfortable.

2. Operating System

It is anybody’s guess that Android has the lion’s share of the market in terms of sales and is apparently the most customizable platform of the lot. Android also offers highest number of apps through the play store.

While the IOS of Apple is second to none and offers the most polished and sophisticated look and feel of the lot. However, the IOS only comes with the Apple phones and tablets and does not have the kind of variety enjoyed by Android.

Windows Phone Operating System is still evolving and lags behind the IOS and Android in terms of number of apps and sales. However, it has a long way to go and is probably a good choice for people looking for the best camera phones.

3. Hardware Configuration

In order to decide what kind of specifications you need or want, you should first know what all you want to use your smartphone for.

Once you have a fair idea you can decide whether you want a high-end premium phone, a mid range phone or a budget phone and can take it further from there. If you want to play High definition games on your phone, you may want a processor of highest grade and at least 2 GB of RAM to go with it.

4. Internal storage and Expandable Memory

You must emphasize on getting a smartphone with enough internal storage and probably with a provision for expansion through a SD card. Now the question is how much is enough? Well the answer to that lies within you.

You have to ask yourself as to how many apps you will use, whether you will use it for listening to music or watching movies and would want to have your collection on your phone. Depending on all these things you may choose how much memory you will need.

5. Display size and Quality

When it comes to size of display or screen, different people have different perspectives. Some may want a screen size that would easily fit into the pocket and could be easily used with one hand and yet should be sufficiently big for enjoying videos.

Besides the size, the quality too has an important role to play. You must look for a smartphone that offers the right balance of screen size and screen quality within your budget. You may sacrifice a Full HD screen for a QHD screen to get a bigger screen or vice versa.

6. Camera

Although a lot depends upon the number of Megapixels a camera has, as far as quality of images it clicks is concerned, it may not be the sole criteria.

There are a number of other factors that you must pay attention to like the optical zoom. A camera with lower megapixels that offers optical image stabilization and/or optical zoom could be a better option than a camera with higher megapixels that does not offer OIS or optical zoom. You should also take into account things like aperture, ISO, shutter speed resolution etc.

7. Security

If you’re looking for a phone that gives you more security, then the iPhone is your choice. Though there are constant threats of iPhone spy apps seeping into your system should you choose to jailbreak the system, the chances are you’re better off going with Apple and its default settings than the already open OS of Android.

8. Pricing and Budget

The budget could be the biggest spoilsport when it comes to taking a final decision. You must ensure that you do not overspend. While you should also make sure that you do not compromise on important things for a small price differential. You are the best judge of how long you plan to use the device and must make an informed choice based on a comprehensive research, which you do not regret at a later stage.

Moreover, you could also make use of various price comparison sites like to get the best price a particular device is available for at various online stores.


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