10 Best Meditation Apps For iPhone and Android

The word Meditation is derived from Latin word “Meditatio”, which means to concentrate, devise, contemplate etc. It helps to improve concentration, focus and make us more immune. It is utterly beneficial for a healthy life style.
Especially for people living in metropolitan cities, having a monotonous life-style, it is found that they are in extensive pressure and often frustrated. This can often lead to serious health problems. 
One tip which I would like to give you: Make it a habit and start with 5 or 10 minutes of meditation daily. Initially it may be little hard for you to meditate as many thoughts will keep crossing your mind, I suggest you to let it pass by. Don’t try to force yourself to keep your mind blank, rather acknowledge all your thoughts and let it pass. Once you let them pass, you will be able to concentrate and meditate in the right way.

We believe that Technology drifts us away from meditating and getting relaxed, but if you use it the right way, technology can pro…

Killer WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Know

WhatsApp has become the best messenger for mobile platform. Not only it is available for every mobile platform but also it is the most used app in these platforms too. The popularity of WhatsApp has grown so much popular that many WhatsApp tricks are coming to internet and many users are searching for these amazing WhatsApp hacks to use in their phone and amaze their friends.  So, here we go:

1. Disable WhatsApp Auto Image Download Though earlier, WhatsApp plus app was required to stop automatic downloading of images, videos and audio files but now, WhatsApp has added this option to its settings. So, you can control automatic media files downloading.
Just navigate to More > Settings > Chat Settings > Media auto-download Check suitable option at ‘When using mobile data’, ‘When connected’ on Wi-Fi’ and ‘When Roaming’.
2. Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Last seen timestamp is great feature but the feature comes out to be really very annoying because it reveals whether you’re online or …

5 Killer Apps To Learn English Faster

There are a lot of ways you can learn or improve your skills in a particular language, from attending classes to teaching yourself through traditional methods such as reading. But do you know that your smartphone can help you in learning languages?
Whether you’re starting from scratch or just want to improve your English, here are 7 apps for both Android and iOS that will help you do just that. Most of these apps take advantage of the interactivity that smartphones can provide in order to create gamified learning environments that will definitely be a lot more interesting than what you can find in language books.
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1. Duolingo One of the biggest draws of Duolingo is its gamified learning system: instead of the usual progression through lessons, Duolingo structures your lessons as a skill tree, with "skill points" being awarded for completing lessons, achievements for tracking your progress as well as a lives system that …

8 Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone

Are you planning to buy a new Smartphone? Are you confused because of so many alternatives present in the market and could use some guidance? Guess what? You are at the right place.

Smartphones have become a need rather than luxury over the years. Especially since you always need to be with your friends (via social networking), constantly need to check your emails (that business meeting can be rescheduled anytime), and because you feel the need to have music, videos, games, and other forms of entertainment with you at all times.

Let's take a look at the things to consider before buying a smartphone:

1. Handling Do you regularly carry a briefcase, purse or computer bag? If not -- and if you'd rather not start -- then a smaller smartphone that slips into your pocket is probably best. Many smartphones are 5 inches tall or less, and 2.5 inches wide or less. Hold various models in your hand to see which ones feel most comfortable.
2. Operating System It is anybody’s guess that And…

Zip & Unzip Files On Your iPhone/iPad With iZip

Most of the iPhone users find it difficult to zip and unzip files on their iOS device. We open email attachments on our device but when these attachments contains .zip, .rar or any other format compressed files we find problems.
Similarly, when we need to send a file of large size then too we feel the need of a good compression utility that can help us in doing so.
iZip is such an app designed for iOS users to help them zip or unzip files easily. Let us see what all does iZip contains in it for you.

iZip iZip helps you in managing all your files at one place. You can zip, unzip your files, download them or share them from anywhere. This compression utility also provides high-compression ratio so you can send large files also in mails.
iZip is available at iTunes for free and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
iZip Features: iZip is most secured and trusted way of compressing or decompressing your files. It has a quite clean and interactive interface with a lot of flexi…

Motivational Apps To Keep You On Top

For those who need a bit more motivation than others to achieve their goals, modern technology is here to help, especially for smartphone users.
Whether your resolution this year is to lose weight, finally finish that novel you’ve been writing, increase your IQ, or even learn how to play a new instrument, there’s probably at least one app out there that you’ll fancy. Below are just a few tips and motivational apps that will help you stay on top of your resolutions.

1. HabitBull - Habit Tracker Old habits die hard. While we may all hate to admit it, the majority of us have at least one bad habit that we’ll avoid talking about at all costs. Whether your goal this year is to kick the habit of smoking tobacco, quit biting your nails, or even stop cracking your knuckles, where there is a will, there is a way! And HabitBull may be just the thing you need to start breaking those old habits.
It is a sleek, full-featured motivational app that serves as a personal mate in your quest to cease n…

10 Funniest Android Apps For Those Who Love Humor

There are so many apps that people love. But there are different types of people with different hobbies. With regards to hobbies, some likes games, some not. But if you don’t like games, then how you would utilize your spare time.
Well Android also provides apps for such user. There are so many fantastic and funny apps that you would love. Apps that makes you feel good, that makes you happy, that makes you laugh louder.

In today’s busy life, all are busy in making life more well and sophisticated but unfortunately, forgetting the actual living and fun. If you are thinking to take laughter therapy for your good blood regulation, healthy life, these apps would definitely help you.
1. 9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs 9GAG is one of the best funny apps. 9GAG has the large collection of funny pictures, memes, videos, GIFs, collapse photos and a lot more. This app is free to use and available for Android, iOS. You can share some interesting and funny images on the social networking sites lik…