Killer WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Know

WhatsApp has become the best messenger for mobile platform. Not only it is available for every mobile platform but also it is the most used app in these platforms too. The popularity of WhatsApp has grown so much popular that many WhatsApp tricks are coming to internet and many users are searching for these amazing WhatsApp hacks to use in their phone and amaze their friends.  So, here we go:

1. Disable WhatsApp Auto Image Download Though earlier, WhatsApp plus app was required to stop automatic downloading of images, videos and audio files but now, WhatsApp has added this option to its settings. So, you can control automatic media files downloading.
Just navigate to More > Settings > Chat Settings > Media auto-download Check suitable option at ‘When using mobile data’, ‘When connected’ on Wi-Fi’ and ‘When Roaming’.
2. Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Last seen timestamp is great feature but the feature comes out to be really very annoying because it reveals whether you’re online or …

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