Zip & Unzip Files On Your iPhone/iPad With iZip

Most of the iPhone users find it difficult to zip and unzip files on their iOS device. We open email attachments on our device but when these attachments contains .zip, .rar or any other format compressed files we find problems.

Similarly, when we need to send a file of large size then too we feel the need of a good compression utility that can help us in doing so.

iZip is such an app designed for iOS users to help them zip or unzip files easily. Let us see what all does iZip contains in it for you.


iZip helps you in managing all your files at one place. You can zip, unzip your files, download them or share them from anywhere. This compression utility also provides high-compression ratio so you can send large files also in mails.

iZip is available at iTunes for free and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iZip Features:

  1. iZip is most secured and trusted way of compressing or decompressing your files. It has a quite clean and interactive interface with a lot of flexibility. You can select some of the files to zip and then email while some others to attach without compressing as you like.
  2. You can compress photos and videos from your camera roll. You can even compress songs from iTunes music.
  3. You can download all your attachments including the zipped ones and then extract them with iZip. You can also open password protected and AES encrypted compressed files.
  4. iZip supports almost all famous file formats. It has social media integration also that lets you share your photos with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo. It supports files from Dropbox also. You can save/download files to/from your Dropbox.
  5. The free version provides a lot of features that are enough for normal use but if you want additional and advanced features then you can go for iZip Pro. It is available at iTunes at $4.99.


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