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Essential Chrome Extensions To Reduce Its Memory Usage

It is well-known fact that chrome browses internet considerably faster than other popular browsers. It has minimal design, straight-forward interface, which makes chrome very productive than other browsers.

But, the fact is always known to many Chrome users that “Chrome consumes very high amount of memory”. So, if you open many tabs, keep loading infinite scrolling page (e.g., Facebook) then it make your PC slow down.

Here are some very powerful Chrome extensions which will help you:

1. OneTab

OneTab is very powerful as well as popular extension that have potential to decrease up to 95% of Chrome’s memory usage. After installing this extension, you’ll see a blue funnel icon of OneTab next to your Chrome’s address bar.

Each and every new tab you open on chrome consume a high amount of memory so, by just clicking these icons, you can temporary disable inactive tabs. It instantly release a significant amount of RAM that those inactive tabs were using. When you need any of those inactive tabs, you can selectively choose them by clicking on OneTab funnel.

2. The Great Suspender

The problem with OneTab extension is, when you enable suspended tabs, their web pages loads again. So, if you’re not interested in bundling them the way OneTab do then The Great Suspender provides you powerful alternative option. It will leave your mountain of tabs as it is while suspending them in a way that your RAM will be released and you’ll not required to reload those tabs again.

3. FlashControl

Flash contents like Flash Ads, Some online tools, videos, slideshows, carousels, etc, uses too much of memory. What the extension does is, it stop flash content from being load. It doesn’t entirely block/remove flash content. So you can click on any flash element to load it when required.

4. Tab Outliner

Tab Outliner is really an extension to try by chronic multiple tab user. The extension control your memory usage in slick way by limiting the number of tabs you need to open. And it does this by closing your tabs and saving them exactly where you left off by putting them in a vertical side window.


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