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10 Funniest Android Apps For Those Who Love Humor

There are so many apps that people love. But there are different types of people with different hobbies. With regards to hobbies, some likes games, some not. But if you don’t like games, then how you would utilize your spare time.

Well Android also provides apps for such user. There are so many fantastic and funny apps that you would love. Apps that makes you feel good, that makes you happy, that makes you laugh louder.

In today’s busy life, all are busy in making life more well and sophisticated but unfortunately, forgetting the actual living and fun. If you are thinking to take laughter therapy for your good blood regulation, healthy life, these apps would definitely help you.

1. 9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs

9GAG is one of the best funny apps. 9GAG has the large collection of funny pictures, memes, videos, GIFs, collapse photos and a lot more. This app is free to use and available for Android, iOS. You can share some interesting and funny images on the social networking sites like Facebook with your friends and can give them a chance to laugh and enjoy with you.

2. Talking Tom

Talking Tom is an interesting app in which there is a kitty you can play with. You can talk to tom. You can also feed, sing song with him. Once you have this cat, you would love spending time with him. The cat mimics your voice in such a way that you would laugh a lot.

3. Cracked Screen Prank

Crack your Screen is one of the best apps to make your friends fool. It is like virtually cracking the screen of your Smartphone. This app provides you a lot of variety on how you want a crack on your screen. Just turn on the mode and with a touch your screen will get the crack. This way you can make fun of your friends and can enjoy a lot.

4. Cheezburger

Cheezburger is one of the best funny apps ever. This is awesome app to get instant happiness and enjoyment anytime, anywhere. This app is available on Android and iOS platform. This app lets you browse images, gifts, jokes, images, videos and much more. It is the popular humors app. With Cheezburger, you can easily save the images and can share with friends with their email ids.

5. Finger Lie Detector prank

Finger lie detector is an interesting app to find out someone is telling you true or false. If you want to know something, put your finger on the screen and this app will determine whether it is true or false. It is the one of the funniest apps by which you can enjoy among your friends, family.

This app is just for fun and to raise your mood, so don’t take it too seriously. Once you use this, you would love this app.

6. Pou

Pou is an entertaining app in which you have to take care of a virtual pet Pou. You will have to pamper the pet in such a way that it can grow and evolve. It is like a challenge to take care of your pet. As Pou will grow up, you will get reward. With the use of others app, you can even visit to your friend to see their pet Pou. Once you started, this pet will win your heart that you will never stop take caring of your Pou.

7. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is simple, funny and addictive game. In Doodle Jump, you help a bug to jump over the top. It has remarkable game play because of its simplicity and clarity. You can move vertically and horizontally in order to save the bug from bad insects.  This app also saves the name and score of the last level.

8. Cat Sounds

Cat Sounds is fabulous app that produces different sounds of cat that you would definitely enjoy. You can fool anyone by different meows. It is simple to use. The goal is to press any button. Each button produces different meows. Your children would love this. You can even annoy your friends and neighbors with this enjoyable app.

9. Food Battle: The Game

Food Battle is sweet and interesting game. Food Battle is available for iOS and Android devices. It is 3D adventurous game for single player. In this, you can unlock and equip favorite food as weapons. You will need every weapon in order to survive the pink frosted boss.

10. UglyBooth

The Booth series has photo editing apps that give apps like FatBooth, AgingBooth, UglyBooth, BadBooth. If you want to know how you would look after 20 years? How would you look after becoming fat or ugly? As the name implies, these will make you look fat, aged, ugly and many more. This is all just virtual photos but you will enjoy it a lot. You can download anyone of them according to your interest. These apps are very interesting and burst you in laughter.

With these amazing apps, you would live your life twice than the before and smile more. You can do anything with happy and fresh mind. These apps will keep you fresh every time you use and make your day even more happening.

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