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Motivational Apps To Keep You On Top

For those who need a bit more motivation than others to achieve their goals, modern technology is here to help, especially for smartphone users.

Whether your resolution this year is to lose weight, finally finish that novel you’ve been writing, increase your IQ, or even learn how to play a new instrument, there’s probably at least one app out there that you’ll fancy. Below are just a few tips and motivational apps that will help you stay on top of your resolutions.

1. HabitBull - Habit Tracker

Old habits die hard. While we may all hate to admit it, the majority of us have at least one bad habit that we’ll avoid talking about at all costs. Whether your goal this year is to kick the habit of smoking tobacco, quit biting your nails, or even stop cracking your knuckles, where there is a will, there is a way! And HabitBull may be just the thing you need to start breaking those old habits.

It is a sleek, full-featured motivational app that serves as a personal mate in your quest to cease nearly any bad habit. Habit List allows you to set your own list of habits, send yourself daily notes and personalized reminders, and keep track of your overall progress.

2. Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

In addition to letting go of old habits, it’s just as important to start new and healthy ones as well, such as introducing healthier food options into your diet.

Designed with the modern-day consumer in mind, Fooducate allows users to find more information about your food as well as gives them suggestions of healthier alternatives that contain less sugar and fewer GMO ingredients, all with a simple scan of the barcode with a smartphone’s camera.

3. Elevate - Brain Training

We all know that lifting weights can build muscles and running can improve endurance, but often we forget to condition one of the most important parts of our body: our brain. Not only can a sharper mind help you become a faster learner, you can also benefit from avoiding embarrassing situations, like forgetting an important client’s name or missing an important meeting with a superior.

Unlike other brain training apps that focus primarily on puzzles and logic, Elevate factors in tip-of-tongue difficulties as well as reading speed and comprehension to track the user’s learning progress. In addition to assisting with reading recall (i.e. grocery lists, daily news, etc.) with its six unique brain-building activities, Elevate can also help you prepare to present at that next big interview or meeting.

4. Pact: Earn Cash for Exercising

For many of us, living a healthier and longer life is all we need to stay motivated to keep up with our exercise– and maybe a good pat on the back. But for those looking to get more rewards from eating right and exercising regularly, Pact is an app that users can actually earn money from by achieving their fitness and diet goals.

Users can even fine themselves for failing to meet their personal goals or earn money from other users who don’t fulfill their goals. In addition to Pact, there are countless fitness apps to help yourself get into shape.

Whether you succeed in meeting each resolution or not, make sure you live each day to the fullest!


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